Health & Wellness

9 Steps to Starting Your Health and Fitness Journey

  1. Start with gratitude. I know this sounds hippie-dippy. If that’s not your style, stick with me here. There are a lot of days that you will simply need to appreciate your body for what it has done for you, is doing for you, and will do for you as your journey progresses. Have you healed from an illness, beat cancer, birthed babies, run a race, carried all of the groceries in one trip? Appreciate it all! Your body is a fantastic machine.
  2. Nix the excuses. We are all busy. We all have kids and jobs and dogs and significant others. So what? The night before, lay out your workout clothes and shoes, fill your water bottle(s), and set your intentions. Oh, and your alarm.
  3. Don’t over-commit or over-perform. Start with 30 mins, three times a week. If you have never done a workout program, or if you are restarting, don’t overwhelm yourself. You can add ten minutes or another day into the rotation after a week or two. When you do get in a sweat session, start small and take breaks as necessary.
  4. Identify your goals, be specific with them, and write them down! It is so important to write your intentions down in your own handwriting and read them often. Set athletic – not aesthetic – goals.
  5. Prioritize consistency over intensity. Some days you’ll be on nine or ten and some days you will be on five. It’s okay!
  6. Find other people who are active to support your efforts. If you don’t have (or want) anyone to workout with, there are lots of online accountability groups.
  7. Get good shoes. Tennis shoes, are made for more lateral movements, like Zumba type classes and cardio. Weight training requires a more solid bottom shoe with a flat base to help keep you connected to the floor.
  8. Don’t skip the pre and post workout basics. A warm up is meant to get your joints lubricated and to let your brain and body know what’s happening. A cool down should involve lots of stretching while your muscles and ligaments are warm and pliable.
  9. Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different gene pool, history, day-to-day life, fat to muscle ratio, and on and on and on. Comparison is the thief of joy!

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