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Core de Force Review & Results

Jericho Matthews, Me, & Joel Freeman – in the flesh!

Roughly 60 days ago, I decided to dive into this crazy MMA style program that scared the bejeezus out of me! In fact, I was not even sure I could do it. Check this out: video of 1st workout where I quit! That video clip is from the preview they gave us with Beachbody On Demand where I gave the program a go and hated it. Well, I just hated that I was so uncoordinated, to be honest. So fast forward a few weeks… I got draaaaged by a fellow Coach friend of mine by promises of tacos and margaritas to do this live workout in Birmingham with Joel & Jericho, the trainers in the pic above and creators of the program – and during that work out, something magic happened!


But seriously, I poured sweat like never before, and was on that crazy exercise high afterwards that makes you kind of want to cry. I decided there must be something to this and I COMMITTED. (Also, Erin and I went straight out for those tacos and margs!) It has been a while since I did one of the Beachbody programs start-to-finish. I have been kind of flip-flopping between my favorites for quite some time. There’s nothing wrong with that, per say, but there is something really special that happens when you commit, hang up a calendar, and mark the days off as you go.

My Fitness B.F.F.

I have to admit, making a commitment and telling everyone about it made me nervous. Afterall, I had 2 weekend vacations coming up, my husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, the SEC Championship Game, and the National Championship Game ahead of me. There were going to be plenty of treats and drinks in my future. But, I was determined to not let any of those things be an excuse or hold me back.

There is never a perfect time to start. Just start!

I can truly say that these last couple of months have been very rewarding. I have done things I never thought my body would manage. I have had many non-scale victories as well! I can actually see the shape of my arms changing. I have been working on them for three years, y’all. My skinny jeans and some workout tights are actually loose. What?!? I know. Crazy.

Full disclosure: there are some things about the program that I didn’t love. First of all, most of the workouts are 47 mins. I have been spoiled rotten by the 30 min workouts that Beachbody normally produces. Also, there are some days that add on a 5 or 15 min abs routine. To be honest, I only did those add-ons about 6 times in the 60 days. I just didn’t have time or umph enough to do them. (Imagine the added results I would have had if I did them!)

Besides the Core de Force program, over the last 30 days, I have also started a ketogenic diet lifestyle change. It is transforming me in so many ways. I will be blogging about it! Stay tuned for that. If you really want to dive in now, I recommend the website and the book Keto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich. Basically, you turn your body in to a fat-burning machine from a previously sugar-burning machine. It is really healthy, makes clean-eating simple, and is very effective! They use it for all sorts of brain issues (dementia, epilepsy, migraines) as well as diabetes and other diseases. Some of the fittest people eat this way and now I can see why!

So….for the results. The real reason you came here, right? I lost 12 pounds overall and 10 inches. That includes 2 inches from each thigh, 2 at the natural waist, and 2 at the navel. Yesssssss!


 If you feel like you are stuck, let’s chat. I would love to see if one of the solutions I offer could be YOUR solution! I offer private, online, daily coaching. We will discuss meal planning, your schedule, and your goals to create a personalized plan just for you.

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