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I am obsessed with…

Shakeology! Did you really think this was going to be about anything else? Well, there is the possibility it was about working out, personal development or internet memes, I suppose. No worries, I can tell you all about my obsession with those things some other time.

If you follow me on any social media – and you SHOULD – you know that I am totally crazy about learning to live a fit and healthy life. Do I always succeed? Nope. Is it an ongoing daily grind? Yep.

And, not only do I LOVE IT – I love to share it with you guys, too! When you know better you can make the choice to do better. When you do better, you feel better, you are more productive and you radiate goodness to the world around you.

No, I am not a nutritionist and I do not hold a degree in food science or any of that fancy stuff. What I do have, and what I can offer you all, is a wealth of knowledge that I have learned on my own, from well-known and verified sources. I can save you a bit of time and frustration. Who doesn’t think THAT sounds like a good deal?

I want to talk to you all about WHO makes Shakeology, WHAT is in it, WHEN it is important to drink it, WHY I have chosen it day in and day out for over three years, and WHERE it can fit into your lifestyle.

When I was first introduced to Shakeology, I thought my (now) Coach was just trying to sell me something. We are so all accustomed to “mompreneurs” and the latest fad thing to buy and try. We buy something from a friend, try to hide the eye rolls, and patiently wait for the new to wear off so we can cancel our subscription. Don’t we? So anyway, I didn’t see any reason to want this shake. I thought a meal replacement shake was hokey, to say the least. But as I have explained in previous blogs, I had tried everything, so I was on the teeter-totter of writing this off and thinking, “Screw it. What’s one more try?”

I met her at Starbucks and got my sample packet, asked a 100 questions about how to make it, and tried it out. Well, score #1, it actually kept me full! In fact, I could only drink half of that first one. I decided to dig a little and find out more about it. What I found actually shocked me. It sounded too good to be true – but that wasn’t the case at all! It is true. This product is amazing from seed to harvest to production to your mouth and every cell in your body.


These so-called “superfoods” are all dried in different ways, and under the perfect temperatures, as to not affect the efficiency of the ingredients in your body. They are farmed under strict processing guidelines and under fair-trade agreements. What that means is that the cost is fair to the consumer, the company producing it (Beachbody), and the farmers. These people are not getting paid $2 a day to work in the hot sun all day. They are paid fairly. So important! Also, the growing restrictions and pesticide restrictions are “organic standard.” I knew this was truly a sticking point with the company when they removed an ingredient from Shakeology at one point in time because the farmers weren’t doing things to standard. Now, you will not see an “organic” label for a very good reason. In the U.S., in order to get that seal, each ingredient has to be individually tested and scrutinized. If Beachbody had to fly a U.S. worker to each country of ingredient origin and have them stay long enough to certify the whole process, the cost of the shakes would be prohibitive and they’d never sell it to the general public. There are 70 superfoods! All of the growers from Beachbody are non-GMO certified.

“Superfood” is just a fancy word for a food that has more

nutrition per gram than most others in it’s category.

The benefits of Shakology are numerous. Personally, I got off of all of my medications/supplements for thyroid and IBS. I have seen several people come off of medications for chronic pain, diabetes, thyroid, and acid reflux. I have seen women thrive on Shakeology who were just depleted from nursing and back-to-back pregnancies. I am a believer that when you do one good thing for yourself each day, such as adding in this shake for a meal, it will encourage you to do one more good thing, and another!

Drinking this shake takes the guesswork out of a meal. Most drink it or breakfast or lunch. If you choose to eat it for lunch or dinner, you will save money on those meals because it’s pricing is less expensive than those meals tend to be.

It makes traveling and eating easy! Blend or shake it up and go! Drink it in the car, shake it with cold water in your hotel for a healthy meal, and pack it in containers for your carry on bag with no problem. It will help you “go” if you’re one of those girls who usually doesn’t on vacation. You know what I am talking about! Chill out. Everybody poops.

Not a veggie person? No problem! This shake contains all you need from veggies in a day. Even our CEO doesn’t eat a single vegetable, and he’s in tip-top shape! Sometimes, I just don’t want vegetables. I want chocolate. Shakeology to the rescue! It gives you whole food, dense nutrition, controls your blood sugars, supports brain function and mood regulation, detoxifies you, boosts your immune system, and increases your rate of nutrient absorption. What more do you need??

Shakeology is one of those products I will have in my life for the rest of my life. I can help you find a way to afford it. My clients who learn a clean eating lifestyle learn that you actually save money at the grocery store by eating healthier and this shake is worth every penny of that budget! Like I said, I love teaching nutrition, so please let me know if you have questions.

If you are interested in more of how this has changed my life or want to try a sample, I am easy to contact! You can reach me here on the blog or at I am also on Instagram as jessa_hicks and Snapchat as jesjngs. See you guys there! Say hello when you add me!



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