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Fall Break-ing Point

UNFORTUNATELY, the photos from this blog post were deleted. So sorry! -Jessa

We are here on our annual Fall Break trip, watching the boys play, and generally doing nothing for 4 days. Hurricane Matthew is wreaking havoc on the East Coast of Florida, but here in Gulf, it’s gorgeous. The Emerald Coast’s white sands and clear waters can’t be beat. (The tourism board can pay me later.)

As for me personally, I’m having a crisis. How I got here is a long story… Got a minute? I’ll try to condense it down.

About 18 months ago, at age 35, I had to undergo a hysterectomy. Three months ago, I opted to begin bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I had gone through at least 6 months, if not more, of just not feeling like myself. I was having all these crazy symptoms, and I knew that much couldn’t be going wrong all at once without a root cause. Hormones just had to be the issue. I did NOT want to go on a series of medications and therapies to just treat the symptoms. I wanted something to heal the problem. Too many doctors are giving out medicine like candy, putting a bandaid over each problem, and never solving the problem. So, I had my hormones checked, and as I suspected, everything was off by a lot. Got my 1st treatment, felt better for 10 days, and then it started to go downhill again. They tell me that with my next treatment, next week, things will start to look up. We shall see.

Before I started the treatment, I was up about 8 pounds. Now let me get something very clear here: the number on the scale is NOT a good measure of health. As a Coach, I tell people constantly to measure themselves, and throw away the scale. I have been a size 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 all at 144 lbs. I just simply don’t put much stock into what the measurement of my gravitational pull is. However, I was up a few pounds and they weren’t muscle. They were traveling with my husband, having drinks with my girlfriends, and enjoying my summer pounds.

So there I was, 8 lbs up from my ideal weight – which I decided on myself by virtue of how strong and healthy and energetic I was feeling. And now, with these hormone treatments, I am up another 10 pounds in 10 weeks. If you’re keeping count, that is EIGHTEEN POUNDS heavier than the weight at which I feel best. Not good, folks. Not good at all.

What’s a girl to do now?

Buckle down. Dial back in the nutrition. Focus on health at every meal and snack. Make better choices. Do one good thing at a time. Take those same baby steps that I tell everyone else to take.

One day, one meal, one pound at a time.

I’ll be starting a 3 Day Refresh in a few days. If you’re not familiar with the program, it’s a great way to hit reset with your diet. I have done it about five times, I think. I have lost four lbs and four inches each time, and once, I lost a couple more.

I really, REALLY dig this program. My October challenge group is going to focus on nutrition this month and the Refresh is going to be the perfect start.

Here’s a couple of images, if you’re interested: UNFORTUNATELY PHOTOS HAVE BEEN LOST FROM THE POST

Alrighty, Friends, hold me accountable! I’ve put it out here and made it public. In the past, this has been the best way to put myself on blast and get the job done.

As for these hormones, well, we will see how that goes. I’m just confused about the whole deal and praying for the best.

Back to vacation!

♡♡♡, Jessa

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