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Remember, Repeat, Recapture

Happy Monday! My family and I went to my “home church” yesterday for the 50th year celebration and to hear my favorite (retired) preacher one more time. As a couple, we decided to leave there and have now found a new church home that is working for all three of us. Nevertheless, I will always have a place in my heart for the people and the building that held me and sustained me through the toughest time in my life. More on all that drama later…

Bro. Bobby preached on the topic of “glory days.” We don’t have to look back with longing and we don’t need to look back with disdain. We can take certain steps to bring those “glory days” into the present, remember the positive points, and make NOW the best time of our lives. And we can do it over and over again. He was speaking in terms of the ever-changing church and encouraging each member to think back to the best time of the church’s life and what they were doing to contribute at that time – then start doing it again. But of course, my wheels began to turn about how I could use this same message and formula in my own life and the lives of my “Fitness Challengers” to regain the health and vitality we had when we felt our best and were at our healthiest.

Read: Hebrews 10: 19-39 for a call to persevere. 

Do you ever think about a time when you performed your best at work, or you were on top of your parenting game, or the time you lost those 20 nagging pounds? This is the first step – REMEMBER. Think about the good parts of the past, the times of motivation, enthusiasm, gainfulness, and victory! Encouraging yourself in this manner is such a powerful force. It automatically puts you in a positive mindset.

“Remember…when you stood your ground in a great contest in the face of suffering.”  Hebrews 10:32

Ask yourself, “Self, what was I doing back then that got me the results I was looking for?” If you want to relive your glory days, you must REPEAT those actions. If you want to maintain your goals, repeat and then repeat and repeat again. It is so easy to get lazy and lose focus. Even as a Health Coach, I do it, too. I get around people who are not living a healthy lifestyle and I start to make bad choices in my eating. I get lazy with my exercise when I am “too busy” elsewhere. Really, being too busy is a lame excuse that just means I am not prioritizing my health.

Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you are done, you will receive what was promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

As you REMEMBER and REPEAT, you will find yourself at the third part of this equation – RECAPTURE! You can be victorious again! If you did it once, you can certainly do it again. You have already proven yourself.

I am an expert at “starting over.” Sometimes I feel like I restart every seven days. I restart the homeschool calendar. “This is the week I stay on schedule!” Then, a documentary comes on or we stay too long at the library, and, nope. Or, “this is the week I eat clean for 5 whole days.” Then soccer runs late, and, nope. I was glad to have heard this perspective at church yesterday. It made me realize that there is always hope. I can always do better next time. It truly is never too late to rewrite the future, to start again, to make the best parts of the past a present glory. Sometimes we need to do it on a small scale, like just not turning one bad meal into a whole bad day of eating or one bad day into a week. That’s okay. Sometimes our past glory days are very far back, and recapturing them is a larger life-sized scale project. Remember, the time will pass anyway, so you might as well be working towards a goal!

What were the best days of your life? What has been your biggest accomplishment? Shout yourself out in the comments below.

Have a great week!

Love, Health and Peace to you,









6 thoughts on “Remember, Repeat, Recapture”

  1. Thank you Jessica for the encouragement that was very well written. I hope now to recapture my past glory days and bring to the forefront of the oncoming days….


  2. Wonderful, thought-provoking entry! My glory days of enthusiasm and achievement were waaaaay back in high school. Guess I peaked early. Thanks for the reminder to remember those feelings!

    — Brandi


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