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Start Before You’re Ready



I have been back and forth a thousand times in my brain on what I should post about first on this blog. I have a whole spectrum of topics that I want to share along the way: homeschooling adventures, health coaching stories, clean eating information, my son’s health issues, and a host of other family related issues. How could I choose what to talk about first??

I was lying awake last night, rolling words around, trying to come up with what would be the best, and it hit me. This blog project is just like SO MANY other things in life. You can not wait for the perfect time to go for something you want! You just have to jump! You have to start before you are ready.

As a health coach, I tell clients this over and over. Dozens of women have been afraid to start “a program” because they thought they needed more time, more energy, or less interruptions. Truth is, the ones who just jump in and actually get started before they are really ready, are the same ones who figure out how to work health into their lives and change their lifestyles in baby steps. They are the ones who succeed!

As a mom, and one who home-schools an eight year old, I am always telling my son, “just get started.” He tends to want to wait for my instruction on each thing. If he goes ahead and starts, he realizes that he s figuring it out as he goes. He actually makes progress without even noticing!

So my hope here is that I will figure this thing out as I go. I hope you’ll stick with me and find yourself laughing, intrigued, motivated, and encouraged. If you have a project you’ve been considering, here’s your sign! Go get started! Let me know what it is, too. I’d love to cheer you on!





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